Dear Patients,

Please do not email us with any clinical issues unless you're using the eConsult app.

If you have a clinical issue that needs discussing with a Doctor please call the surgery to arrange an appointment.

Many thanks 

Practice Management


General Updates


DNA - Did Not Attend

During May 2021 there were 84 appointments that were not attended, this includes telephone appointments. 

This equates to over 21 hours that have been wasted and could have been used for other patients. 

If there are any issues preventing you from informing us that you cannot attend your appointment please let us know. 

Thank you 

Are you Housebound? 

Housebound means you are unable to leave your house, typically due to illness, mobility or other issues.

Please let us know if you're housebound as there are services that can come to your home. We will also need to know if you're housebound to recieve your Covid 9 vaccination to be able to vaccinated from home.


Thank you.



Newsletter May 2021

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