Practice Values

The team here at St James all work towards this set of values. We use it as the backbone of every encounter at the surgery and we strive for our practice to be a caring practice that caters for the needs of all our service users.

I asked the team at St James to come up with ideas for a practice motto. There were many good suggestions, however we all voted and decided that this motto thought up by our Medical Secretary Sarah, sums up our practice ethos perfectly:

St James Surgery: Our Patients, Our Priority.

Our Practice Values Are:

  • Caring, respectful, everyone matters
  • Improving and developing
  • Working together
  • Quality, efficient and safe practice
  • Fairness, equality, choice

Caring, respectful, everyone matters

Our patients are our priority. We treat our patients with dignity and we work hard to accommodate people’s individual needs. We are a practice that cares; our doctors and staff ensure everyone who comes to our surgery experiences good care and a professional service.

Improving and developing

We review our practices and services, and regularly discuss as a team how to improve. We offer our staff training and encourage development. We also learn from patient feedback and adapt where necessary.

Working together

We work with many other health organisations, public agencies, charities and services to ensure our patients are given choice and support. We also have a great team who empower and help one another by sharing learning’s and experience.

Quality, efficient and safe practices

As a practice we review patient cases and hold regular meetings to discuss processes and procedures in our practice. We encourage ideas and innovation. We review policies and procedures regularly to ensure we are a safe practice. We provide regular training for all our staff.

Fairness, equality, choice

Everyone who comes into contact with our service is treated with respect, and equality. We offer choice to our patients.